3-Step Detox

Here’s the beauty of this program: Patient fills out a symptom questionnaire (zero of your time), if patient scores over 25 you let them watch the 3-Step Detox video (zero of your time). When patient is done watching video, a staff asks “Is this something you might be interested in?” (Again, zero of your time)


If patient says yes, they receive the products and a complete manual and CD explaining all their questions(only minutes of your time).


If patient says no, “keep us in mind for future reference”.


If patient says maybe, “Here, bring home the video and watch it with your significant other, let us know when you come back in”

The video is VERY convincing!


How Easy Is That?


This extremely innovative Three-Step Detox program was designed by a team of doctors, chiropractors, and Naturopaths who were disappointed with hit or miss results in chronic dis-ease cases.


Rather than do extensive and invasive testing to determine the underlying cause of a patient’s dis-ease, these physicians designed a therapy program that would address all of the most common underlying causes of chronic dis-ease.


This approach has many benefits for the patient. It saves the patient time because they can start the program without waiting for test results. It saves the patient costly and invasive blood, urine, and fecal testing. Also, many patients’ dis-ease is the result of a combination of underlying causes. This type of program addresses all of the most common underlying causes of dis-ease.


If you experience any chronic health condition, chances are very good that the underlying cause of your dis-ease is listed above. Often, it is a combination of 2 or 3 of the underlying causes above and not just one.

Please send me a free copy of the 3-Step Detox Video

so I can see if I’d like to use it in my practice.

Rockie & Vicki
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