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The Very Latest Research Points To NF-kappaB As One Of The Main Underlying Sources Of Chronic Pain & Inflammation. Turn Off  NF-kappaB..... And Turn Off Pain
Click the play button to the right to hear highlights of this exciting seminar, as Joe Buishas interviews the seminar speaker, Dr. Alex Vasquez.
With the recent recalls and serious side effects surrounding some of the big name pain medications like Vioxx, a massive vacuum is being created in the treatment of pain. Innovative research is now stepping forward to fill that treatment-vacuum, with new and even better ways to treat chronic pain and inflammation.

NF-kappaB is one of the hottest topics in all of bio-medicine right now. NF-kappaB is believed to be the main transcription factor that turns on the genetic expression of
inflammation and pain. Researchers now believe that NF Kappa-B is the primary on/off switch that activates pain and inflammation mechanisms in our bodies. It is in essence, the first domino, in a bio-chemical chain reaction resulting in pain.
The absolute latest research now shows it is possible to inhibit  NF-kappaB, and thereby turn off pain and systemic inflammation before it even starts. This seminar is not about lotions or creams that seek to lessen pain, its about turning off pain and inflammation before it even starts.

You are invited to attend a seminar in your area that will detail these exciting new (non-prescription) ways to inhibit  NF-kappaB and stop pain before its starts. We guarantee that every seminar attendee will be able to use these protocols with their patients immediately after the seminar. If you’re interested in learning the hottest cutting edge tools and techniques not only for pain management but pain eradication you won’t want to miss this seminar!


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